LS 10-S


LS 10-S

PA LS10 foam lance can work with pressures up to 200 bar and flow rates up to 25 l/min. This foamer is designed to dispense foam by working in combination with professional pressure washers. The LS10 foam lance is equipped with a plastic tank (1 or 2 liters) for containing the chemical product, and an integrated suction system that, thanks to the force of the water under pressure, allows to mix water, air and chemical. The quality of the foam generated is ensured by the special mesh filter placed inside the lance body. The ergonomic shape of the tank and the adjustble knob for regulating the chemical dosage ensure greater ease of use.



Max Pressure 200 bar -20MPa
Body Brass
Max Flow 25 l/min
Inlet G 3/8"


PN ØNOZZLE     TANK        weight INLET          
25.1865.15 1.5mm 1L 468 gr        G 3/8" M  
25.1868.15 1.5mm 2L 508 gr G 3/8" M
25.1869.65 1.5mm 2L 508 gr G 1/4" F


  • Brand:PA
  • Made in Italy